About Us

Vascular Surgery is the surgical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and management of diseases of the arterial, venous, and lymphatic vascular systems. The Section of Vascular Surgery is situated at two sites, St. Boniface and the Health Sciences Centre serving patients from Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Both sites are very active, with close to 1500 cases performed per year and numerous research projects underway.

A full range of vascular procedures is offered at both centers, treating patients through open surgical and endovascular techniques. There is a wide spectrum of vascular diseases assessed and treated by the 4 vascular surgeons. The vascular surgeons work closely with the interventional radiologists, cardiac surgeons, nephrologists and other medical consultants.



Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to provide comprehensive and excellent care to patients diagnosed with vascular diseases and conditions, improving lives by utilizing the most advanced techniques available, through active research and education.



Our Vision is to promote excellence in clinical care, provide research; and to be an academic leader in Canada through education and training for medical students and residents in Manitoba.

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